DEN 470 Lang nok





Mads Korsgaard, Uffe Dreiser, Svend Jørgensen





  1. Hello Mads,
    I hope you are well and you will continue to sail in the H-Boat this year.

    You remember – I am the owner of the H-Boat Think Big! GER 1272, and did quite well until the stop 11 years ago.

    Since 3 years I’ve been trying to build a new crew to start regatta sailing again. Most recently last year, with my 30-year-old son and his buddy – but after a few days of training in strong winds, these guys gave up.
    These guys have too many offers here to be able to sail on cuppers and other large ships without having to make an effort.
    Too bad but true.

    Why am I writing this to you:

    This year, besides the World Championships in Warnemünde, I want to sail 3 regattas in Denmark – Koege Bugt, Aarhus, Veno bugt.
    Maybe you know 2 though and heavy DANISH guys who have the desire and nerve to sail with me.
    Maybe we could then match against each other again…;o)

    In any case, I have the ambition to be at the front again.

    I would love to read or hear from you.

    Greetings Harald

    Harald Wefers
    1. Hello Harald

      Good to hear from you and sorry I haven’t answered you sooner. Great that you re-join the class and will come to Denmark for some good raising.

      It is always difficult to find crew. And especially the heavy ones :-). However, my former Crew, Svend Jørgensen is good and knows a lot of other “lose” crew so you could try him by texting him on +45 21 68 35 51 or e-mail

      Hope to see you for some sea-battles again.

      Sailor greetings

      Mads Peder Gersdorff Korsgaard

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